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Laser iTAG

Battle your friends and family in our one-of-a-kind immersive and interactive Laser Tag arena.  Encompassing 5,000 square feet on 2 different floors, this is laser tag like you’ve never played it before!

Our 30-player Laser Force system is equipped with DMX-controlled video-mapping on the walls and multiple target bases throughout the arena. The computer imagery on the walls change with each game, meaning you can be in a mystical forest one game, and the next you could be in an urban warzone or even a spaceship!  This is a sophisticated and interactive laser tag game where players will be given fiber optic battle vests and laser-shooting phasers. Dip, duck, and immerse yourself through our futuristic arena as you practice strategy against your opponent. Scenario games will be available as well to members, so you could be hunting a vampire in one game, and shooting zombies in the next!

Laserforce Laser Tag                   75 Roo's

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