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Welcome to Hukoo’s Family Fun entertainment! Hukoo’s Family Fun is one of the most popular amusement complexes located in Orlando city. Here at Hukoo’s, you can enjoy many thrilling and exciting game attractions, and also many other services that we have to offer. We’re always developing new attractions, improving the technology and general services. Our goal is to make the best out of your experience at Hukoo’s. So what are you waiting for? Come and have fun with us.
Below is the list of our main game attractions, which guarantee to give you a lot of excitements and joys.
Bumper Car

You will emerge as a car driver in this epic “electric car crash”. You are able to drive around the area and safely bump to other drivers. You can hover around and steer the steering wheel to your liking.
Laser Tag

Team up with other players or as an individual, you will emerge as a gunman. You will be equipped with laser beam and loader vest. Your mission is to hunt down as many players from the opposite team as possible to win the game.
Jungle Jump

You will be able to safely bounce around and perform your favorite jumps or flips on this enormous airbag in our center.
Pirate’s Plunder

You will emerge as a pirate and team-up with your teammates. You will stay on your ship and your mission is to sink down the opponent’s ship using your cannonball.
Climb Crazy

You will definitely experience rock climbing in this game. You will be fully equipped for safety. You can climb to the ideal height, and you can also slide down without fear and danger.
Arcade Video Game

At Hukoo’s, we provide you various kinds of game machines that you can choose from. Those game are really fun and enjoyable, and you can win some awesome prizes here.

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